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We are delighted to announce the launch of Cultivate Art, a dynamic new platform that will connect emerging artists with the next generation of art collectors.

Cultivate Art is designed to give artists a space to show their work beyond the traditional gallery setting. Each of our curated exhibitions will be shown in full online – via Instagram and our website – enabling viewer access wherever they are in the world. Our mission is to make the process of collecting art easy and accessible, as we passionately believe it should be.

Our collective experience has shown that a new generation of art enthusiasts are seeking innovative ways to engage with art. Cultivate Art will facilitate this through a calendar of pop-up events as well as through our online platforms; helping users to navigate the art market, find original artwork by emerging artists, and build their confidence in the sometimes-daunting world of art. 

Cultivate Art’s pop-up events will be presented in a variety of interesting spaces across Mumbai and thereafter, elsewhere in India and internationally. Our ambition is to foster an inclusive community, through which collectors and artists can meet and build connections. The pop-ups will be relaxed, fun occasions, open to everyone – from established collectors to those who have never been to a gallery before.

Cultivate Art’s first pop-up, to exhibit ‘Eastern Affair, will be on 24th & 25th March at Ravi Vazirani’s design studio in Bandra. The artwork will be available to view from 12:00-18:00 each day and we will be announcing other events over the coming week.

Cultivate Art is a collaboration between Farah Siddiqui, long time curator and art consultant in India, and Amy Stafford, who moved to Mumbai in 2017 after 6 years working for Damien Hirst’s gallery, Newport Street Gallery, and private collection. Having both worked extensively across numerous aspects of the art industry, Farah and Amy identified the need for a new way of exhibiting and buying art that both supports new artists and enables new collectors. 









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